Into the Dark: All That We Destroy — Official Trailer


added: Fri, Apr 19th '19

A mother's love for her murderous son is tested when she tries to control his violent impulses through a sick scientific experiment.

Check out the official trailer for "All That We Destroy," the latest feature-length installment in Hulu and Blumhouse's ongoing horror anthology series "Into the Dark."

Starring Samantha Mathis (Billions, American Psycho) and Israel Broussard (Happy Death Day, To All the Boys I've Loved Before), the sci-fi-tinged horror drama centers on a geneticist (Mathis) who has come up with a bizarre method to control her son's (Broussard) homicidal urges. She has created a disposable female clone who looks exactly like her son's first murder victim (played here by Truth or Dare's Aurora Perrineau). But with each time the clone is killed and then resurrected, she becomes more and more aware of her purpose and her past, to the point where she puts her foot down and fights back.

Co-starring Frank Whaley (Pulp Fiction), "All That We Destroy" is directed by Chelsea Stardust, a former Blumhouse assistant who went on to direct the yet-unreleased indie horror comedy "Satanic Panic."

As part of the "Into the Dark" series, "All That We Destroy" is set to premiere May 3rd on Hulu.

A geneticist who fears that her son may be becoming a serial killer, creates a group of clones in an attempt to cure him of his psychopathic tendencies by allowing him to relive the murder of his first victim.


directed by   Chelsea Stardust

starring   Samantha Mathis, Israel Broussard, Aurora Perrineau, Frank Whaley

release date   May 3, 2019 (only on Hulu)

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