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added: Wed, Mar 13th '19

Newcomer Jamie Auld bears a striking resemblance to Madonna, the iconic '80s and '90s pop singer. So, when Jamie was working behind the counter at a donut shop, she was approached by one of the customers. A filmmaker who was desperately looking for an actress to play a young Madonna in his indie docudrama about the Material Girl's early years. Call it kismet, but Jamie was immediately cast.

In the documentary-re-enactment hybrid "Madonna and the Breakfast Club," writer-director Guy Gudio explores Madonna's pre-fame life, chronicling her struggles in New York City as an aspiring dancer and musician who eventually went on to become one of the world's biggest pop stars.

First-time actress and Madonna look-alike Jamie Auld portrays the iconic singer in re-enactment scenes, which delves into her romantic relationship with New York rock musician Dan Gilroy. Together, they formed the new wave rock band 'Breakfast Club' in 1979, three years before Madonna would launch her own music career with her first solo album.

Featuring interviews with former Breakfast Club members Dan Gilroy, Ed Gilroy, and Gary Burke, "Madonna and the Breakfast Club" is being released on VOD and Digital this week. Watch the official trailer, above.

In 1979 Madonna Ciccone walked away from her Michigan University college scholarship to pursue a dance career in New York City. She struggled to find her footing, dabbling in odd jobs and auditioning for acting gigs, before finally meeting a musician named Dan Gilroy. Dan taught Madonna to play drums and then guitar. Madonna, Dan, and his brother Ed then started a band called Breakfast Club. Bands broke up, managers came and went... but once Madonna realized that the only person who could take her where she wanted was herself, she pounded the pavement with a cassette tape demo and landed her first record deal as a solo artist with a song called Everybody.

Interviews with Dan Gilroy, Ed Gilroy, Gary Burke and other friends from these days, give us a first-hand account of this magical time, and Jamie Auld plays the star in re-enacted dramatizations of some of the most pivotal moments of the story. These scenes are filmed at the same exact locations where they occurred in real life, which gives the viewer an almost eerily precise experience of the actual life and times of Madonna and the Breakfast Club.


directed by   Guy Gudio

starring   Jamie Auld, Dan Gilroy, Ed Gilroy, Gary Burke

release date   March 12, 2019 (on VOD and Digital)

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