Ash is Purest White — U.S. Trailer


added: Mon, Feb 4th '19

Chinese auteur Jia Zhangke, known for writing and directing the award-winning dramas "A Touch of Sin," "Mountains May Depart," and "Still Life," is back with another hard-hitting exploration of westernized Chinese society affected by conflict and violence.

After premiering to glowing reviews at last year's Cannes Film Festival, "Ash is Purest White," which tells the love story of a small-time Chinese mobster and his loyal girlfriend, will be making its way to the States next month.

The film stars the director's frequent collaborator Zhao Tao as a Chinese woman who, after falling in love with a low-level gangster (played by Liao Fan, of "Black Coal, Thin Ice" and "The Final Master"), finds herself defending him in a violent gun fight, for which she ends up going to prison. After five years, she is released from jail. She then embarks on a life-affirming journey back home.

"Ash is Purest White" is set to open in select U.S. theaters on March 15th. Watch the newly-released U.S. trailer, above.

Qiao (Zhao Tao) is in love with her boyfriend Bin (Liao Fan), a small-time gangster. During a fight between rival gangs, she fires a gun to protect him. Qiao gets five years in prison for this act of loyalty. Upon her release, she goes looking for Bin to pick up where they left off.


directed by   Jia Zhangke

starring   Zhao Tao, Liao Fan

release date   March 15, 2019 (in select U.S. theaters)

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