We Die Young — Official Trailer

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added: Wed, Jan 30th '19

Jean-Claude Van Damme goes up against the world's most dangerous street gang in the official trailer for "We Die Young."

In the upcoming action-crime thriller, JCVD plays a PTSD-afflicted veteran who is working as an auto mechanic in Washington, D.C. But when two young helpless brothers are recruited to work for a notorious drug-trafficking gang, JCVD becomes the boys' unlikely savior, embarking on a Death Wish-like revenge mission.

Co-starring Elijah Rodriguez, David Castaneda, Joana Metrass, and Nicholas Sean Johnny, and directed by Lior Geller, "We Die Young" is scheduled to be released in select theaters and on VOD beginning March 1st. Watch the trailer, above.

Jean-Claude Van Damme shines in this gritty action thriller set in a crime-ridden barrio of Washington, D.C. When ruthless drug lord Rincon and his MS-13 gang recruit 10-year-old Miguel to work as a runner, big brother Lucas is desperate to keep Miguel safe. Fleeing for their lives, the boys are rescued by a veteran with PTSD named Daniel (Van Damme), who helps them find their revenge.


directed by   Lior Geller

starring   Jean-Claude Van Damme, Elijah Rodriguez, David Castaneda, Joana Metrass, Nicholas Sean Johnny

release date   March 1, 2019 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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