NatGeo's Valley of the Boom — New Official Trailer


added: Wed, Dec 26th '18

Do you remember Netscape? Do you remember the early days of Internet Explorer? Do you remember the browser wars of the 1990s?

Travel back in time when web browsers were king -- when Netscape Navigator was regarded as the hottest tech tool since the personal computer.

NatGeo's forthcoming six-part mini-series "Valley of the Boom" is taking viewers back to the 1990s as it chronicles the events surrounding the "Browser Wars," a highly competitive rivalry between tech companies Microsoft and Netscape, during which they both were vying for control of the internet browser market.

Written and directed by Matthew Carnahan, the creator of the Showtime dramedy "House of Lies," the limited series is a part talking-head documentary, part scripted dramatization that features an ensemble cast that includes Lamorne Morris (New Girl), Steve Zahn (War for the Planet of the Apes), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing, Get Out), and John Karna (Scream: The TV Series).

Executive produced by Arianna Huffington, "Valley of the Boom" is set to premiere Sunday, January 13th on the National Geographic cable network. Watch a new official trailer, above.

You can also watch a special preview of the first two episodes of "Valley of the Boom," streaming now on the National Geographic website, click here for more info:

Valley of the Boom explores the dot-com era during Silicon Valley's unprecedented tech boom of the 1990s and subsequent bust. The six-part limited series, tells the wildly true stories of the epic browser wars and the companies that shaped the internet.


directed by   Matthew Carnahan (premiere episode)

starring   Lamorne Morris, Steve Zahn, Bradley Whitford, John Karna, Oliver Cooper, Dakota Shapiro

release date   January 13, 2019 (on National Geographic)

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