The Standoff at Sparrow Creek — Official Trailer


added: Wed, Dec 5th '18

With only hours before the start of an armed police standoff, an ex-cop-turned-extremist starts to interrogate his own militia group after a police funeral is shot up by someone from his circle.

Check out the official trailer for "The Standoff at Sparrow Creek," which stars James Badge Dale (13 Hours, Iron Man 3) as a former cop-turned-militia extremist who, while trying to prevent a deadly standoff, makes a concerted effort to apprehend a suspected mass shooter.

While evoking the stylistic film language of a Fincher and a Tarrantino, "The Standoff at Sparrow Creek" marks the auspicious debut of writer-director Henry Dunham.

Co-starring Brian Geraghty (TNT's The Alienist), Patrick Fischler (Showtime's Twin Peaks), Chris Mulkey (Gotti), Happy Anderson (Netflix's Mindhunter), and Robert Aramayo (HBO's Game of Thrones), "The Standoff at Sparrow Creek" is hitting theaters and VOD beginning January 18th.

After a mass shooting at a police funeral, reclusive ex-cop Gannon realizes that the killer belongs to the same militia he joined after quitting the force. Knowing the police will be closing in on them, Gannon quarantines his fellow militiamen in a remote lumber mill. There, he sets about a series of grueling interrogations, intent on ferreting out the killer and turning him over to the authorities to prevent further bloodshed.


directed by   Henry Dunham

starring   James Badge Dale, Brian Geraghty, Patrick Fischler, Chris Mulkey, Happy Anderson, Robert Aramayo

release date   January 18, 2019 (in theaters and on VOD/Digital HD)

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