SGT. Will Gardner — Official Trailer


added: Sun, Dec 2nd '18

Character actor Max Martini plays a PTSD-addled Iraq War veteran who struggles to reintegrate back into society in the official trailer for "SGT. Will Gardner."

The film is also written and directed by Martini, perhaps best known for portraying a variety of military soldiers in such films as "13 Hours," "Captain Phillips," "Pacific Rim" and who also co-starred on the CBS military-centric series "The Unit."

Co-starring Omari Hardwick, Lily Rabe, Elisabeth Rohm, and Dermot Mulroney, with guest appearances by Robert Patrick and Gary Sinise, the drama follows Will Gardner (Martini), an ex-Marine Sergeant who is still struggling to re-enter society after years of fighting in Iraq. Determined to rekindle a relationship with his young son, he embarks on a cross-country motorcycle journey, which ends up being a life-changing, soul-healing experience.

Featuring the song "On My Highway" by country music star Jason Aldean, "SGT. Will Gardner" is being released in select theaters and VOD/Digital on January 11, 2019.

SGT. Will Gardner tells the story of Will (Max Martini), an Iraq War veteran who suffers from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) sustained in combat that is making it difficult for him to reintegrate into society. His PTSD causes frequent flashbacks to the Iraq War which he survives with the help of Sam (Omari Hardwick), his best friend and war buddy. A series of setbacks motivates him to embark on a spirited motorcycle journey across America with the hopes of reuniting with his son and to begin a healing process that will help him pick up the pieces of a life he lost after serving his country.


directed by   Max Martini

starring   Max Martini, Omari Hardwick, Gary Sinise, Lily Rabe, Elisabeth Rohm, Robert Patrick, Dermot Mulroney, JoBeth Williams, Holt McCallany, Luis Bordonada, Leo Martini

release date   January 11, 2019 (in select theaters and on VOD/Digital)

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