Hulu's Into the Dark: Pooka! — Official Trailer


added: Tue, Nov 27th '18

Meet Pooka! He's this year's hottest toy -- and he's so "unpredictable."

Check out the official trailer for "Pooka!," the new Christmas horror thriller directed by Spanish genre filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo, of "Colossal" and "Timecrimes" fame.

It's the third feature-length installment of "Into the Dark," Hulu's ongoing horror holiday anthology series produced by Blumhouse.

Written by Gerald Olson, "Pooka!" stars Nyasha Hatendi (from Hulu's "Casual") as a struggling actor who slowly loses his grip on reality when he starts a new "acting" job, performing as a promotional Pooka mascot during the hectic Christmas season.

"Into the Dark" is a holiday-set horror anthology series from Blumhouse, in which Hulu will release a new feature-length episode each month. Each installment will tell a different horror story, each set at a different holiday.

"Into the Dark: Pooka!" is due to premiere Friday, December 7th only on Hulu.

A struggling actor gets a holiday season job as a Christmas character in a plush suit to promote the hottest toy of the year, "Pooka." At first it's a fun and friendly distraction, but he slowly develops two personalities–one when he's in the suit, and one that's outside it–as Pooka slowly starts to take possession of him.

This unconventional monster movie is directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo, the visionary behind the acclaimed 2016 Kaiju film COLOSSAL.


directed by   Nacho Vigalondo

starring   Nyasha Hatendi, Jon Daly, Dale Dickey, Jonny Berryman

release date   December 7, 2018 (on Hulu)

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