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added: Tue, Nov 6th '18

Frank Dillane (former star of AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead") goes from fighting off zombies to trying to communicate with spirits in the trailer for "Astral."

The indie supernatural thriller sees Dillane as a woeful university student in England, who has decided to study the scientific theory of astral projection, to achieve a deliberate out-of-body experience in order to spiritually reconnect with his deceased mother.

The film, which also co-stars Vanessa Grasse (Leatherface), marks the feature debut of director Chris Mul, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother, Michael Mul.

"Astral" is hitting theaters and VOD on November 23rd.

Coming to terms with the explanation of his mother's untimely death, Alex (Frank Dillane) turns to spiritual contact after the relationship with his father breaks down. As a student of metaphysics, Alex learns of the "scientific" premise of astral projection -- the ability to project your spirit into an unseen spatial dimension. Attempting to astral project, Alex becomes plagued by shadow spirits -- malevolent entities vying to enter his body to access our world. Alex soon learns that he is not the only member of his family to have been besieged by such beings, as his mother's dark past is brought to his attention.


directed by   Chris Mul

starring   Frank Dillane, Vanessa Grasse, Damson Idris, Catherine Steadman, Trevor White, Darwin Shaw

release date   November 23, 2018 (in theaters and on VOD)

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