Clara's Ghost — Trailer


added: Mon, Oct 8th '18

It's a family affair. Former David Letterman writer/comic actor Chris Elliott gets to act with his real-life family in the new indie horror comedy "Clara's Ghost," for which a trailer has been released.

The supernatural satire is the feature directorial and writing debut of actress Bridey Elliott (Battle of the Sexes, Silicon Valley), in which she also co-stars alongside real-life sister, former SNL member Abby Elliott, and their real-life parents Chris and Paula Elliott.

Taking place over a single night, Ted Reynolds (Chris Elliott) is having his family over to celebrate the birthday of their dog when his wife Clara (Paula) is suddenly urged to reveal that she has been seeing things all night. Soon the entire family is haunted by the evil spirit who seems to have taken over Clara's mind, which is making her do crazy things ... like watch "Cabin Boy" again.

Co-starring Haley Joel Osment, Isidora Goreshter, and Larry Fessenden, "Clara's Ghost" is hitting theaters December 6th, and on VOD December 7th.

Ted Reynolds, an aging comedian, copes with his fading fame by living a quiet life away from the spotlight with his wife Clara in rural New England. When they invite their two daughters -- a pair of former child stars -- home to celebrate the family dog's birthday, the vodka-loving clan devolves into a drunken mess. While Ted and his daughters rehash old wounds, Clara finds herself face to face with a supernatural spirit that only she can see.


directed by   Bridey Elliott

starring   Chris Elliott, Abby Elliott, Bridey Elliott, Paula Niedert Elliott, Haley Joel Osment, Isidora Goreshter, Larry Fessenden

release date   December 6, 2018 (in theaters) and December 7, 2018 (on VOD/Digital)

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