Here and Now — Trailer


added: Mon, Oct 8th '18

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a new drama where she struggles to find a new lease on life, especially after she finds out that there's not much left of it.

Check out the trailer for "Here and Now," which also stars Simon Baker, Common, Jacqueline Bisset, Taylor Kinney, and Academy Award winner Renee Zellweger.

The film tells the story of Jazz singer Vivienne Carala (Sarah Jessica Parker) who is about to release a new album, when she gets devastating news from her doctor that forces her to take another look at her life. Now Vivienne is really singing the blues, and trying to cope with sharing the news with her friends and family.

"Here and Now" is due to arrive in select theaters and VOD on November 9th.

On the eve of a major performance at the iconic Birdland Jazz Club, Vivienne Carala (Sarah Jessica Parker) receives shocking news during a doctor’s visit that turns her world upside down. She struggles to deal with the devastation during rehearsals with her band and her manager (Common) and attempts to avoid her overbearing mother (Jacqueline Bisset). Finally, as she contemplates sharing the news with her ex and her teen daughter, Vivienne finds solace in the streets of New York City, where she reflects on her past and her future.


directed by   Fabien Constant

starring   Sarah Jessica Parker, Renee Zellweger, Simon Baker, Common, Jacqueline Bisset, Taylor Kinney, Waleed Zuaiter, Gus Birney

release date   November 9, 2018

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