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added: Thu, Oct 4th '18

From Oscar-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back to the Future) and Oscar-and-Emmy-winning documentarian James Moll (The Last Days, Survivors of the Holocaust, Obey Giant) comes a new Netflix docu-series celebrating the heroic legacy of Medal of Honor recipients.

Check out the newly-released trailer for "Medal of Honor," an emotionally gripping eight-part documentary series that tells eight standalone true-life stories of how eight different U.S. soldiers, who came from various backgrounds and served in various military operations, earned the nation's highest award for valor.

Featuring real archival footage and staged historical re-enactments, the docu-series is told by the people who were there and witnessed it.

Directed and produced by James Moll, and executive produced by Robert Zemeckis, "Medal of Honor" is due to premiere November 9th, only on Netflix.

Netflix's gripping and intimate original docuseries, MEDAL OF HONOR, celebrates eight recipients of the military's highest award for valor -- bestowed upon fewer than 3,600 Americans since President Abraham Lincoln signed it into law in 1861. With archival footage and commentary from historians and military leaders, the series highlights the lives and experiences of these courageous men who went above and beyond the call of duty. Their battlegrounds were Italy, Germany, and France during World War II; along the 38th parallel in the Korean War; in Laos during the deadliest year of the Vietnam War; and in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Family members and brothers-in-arms also recall the extraordinary odds faced by the servicemen, and through intense recreations, viewers get inside their minds to uncover how they handled what many have described as "the worst day of their lives." The diverse group of featured recipients -- including three living veterans -- came from a Massachusetts farm, a New Mexico immigrant community, small towns and big cities all across the nation.


directed by   James Moll

release date   November 9, 2018 (on Netflix)

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