22 July — Official Trailer

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added: Tue, Sep 4th '18

From the director of "Captain Phillips" and "United 93" comes a new harrowing docudrama about the deadliest terrorist attack in Norwegian history, which is generally referred to in Norway as "22 July."

Check out the official trailer for "22 July," director Paul Greengrass's first Netflix film, which is offering a detailed dramatization of the 2011 Norway massacre, during which a 32-year-old far-right Norwegian terrorist murdered 77 people -- killing 8 (and injuring at least 209 people) by detonating a massive car bomb that was planted near government buildings in Oslo, before heading to an island summer youth camp for political-minded teenagers, where he shot and killed approximately 69 victims.

The English-language true-crime thriller, which is also written by Greengrass, stars acclaimed Norwegian actor Anders Danielsen Lie (of "Reprise" and "Oslo, 31 August") as the crazed extremist murderer; while up-and-coming Norwegian actor Jonas Strand Gravli plays one of the teen survivors.

"22 July" is premiering this week at the Venice International Film Festival. Netflix plans to release the film in select U.S. theaters on October 10th. It will also begin streaming on Netflix the same day.

In 22 JULY, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Paul Greengrass (CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, UNITED 93) tells the true story of the aftermath of Norway's deadliest terrorist attack. On 22 July 2011, 77 people were killed when a far-right extremist detonated a car bomb in Oslo before carrying out a mass shooting at a leadership camp for teens. 22 JULY uses the lens of one survivor's physical and emotional journey to portray the country's path to healing and reconciliation.


directed by   Paul Greengrass

starring   Anders Danielsen Lie, Jonas Strand Gravli, Jon Oigarden, Thorbjorn Harr, Ola G. Furuseth, Ulrikke Hansen Dovigen, Isak Bakli Aglen, Maria Bock

release date   October 10, 2018 (in select theaters and on Netflix)

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