Big Brother — U.S. Trailer


added: Wed, Aug 22nd '18

A highly-decorated soldier applies his extensive knowledge of military tactics and combat strategy when he takes on the job of teaching an unruly class of teen delinquents at an underperforming high school.

Action star Donnie Yen plays the most badass school teacher in China in this comic action movie about a retired soldier who becomes an inspirational mentor to a class of mostly disaffected youths.

Part "Dangerous Minds," part "Kindergarten Cop," part "Lean on Me" -- and a bit of "Major Payne" and "The Substitute", directed by Chinese action helmer Kam Ka Wai, "Big Brother" appears to be giving Yen a chance to show off his lighter side, yet without sacrificing his trademark action chops.

"Big Brother" is set to be released theatrically in the States next week, starting August 31st.

Martial arts legend Donnie Yen stars as a former soldier recruited for his toughest mission yet -- teaching a class of teen delinquents. As he kicks his way into their school and home lives, it becomes clear that his unconventional teaching style might be just what they need.


directed by   Kam Ka Wai

starring   Donnie Yen, Joe Chen, Jack Lok, Yu Kang

release date   August 31, 2018 (U.S. release)

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