Disney's Jungle Cruise — Behind-the-Scenes Peek: 'Now In Production'

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added: Tue, Jul 31st '18

"Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!"

From the set of their new Disney adventure movie, "Jungle Cruise," Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson offer a warm welcome to viewers as they show off their playful chemistry in an early behind-the-scenes peek.

The now-in-production film, described by Blunt and Johnson as "a love story," is based on the famous Disneyland theme park ride of the same name, which mimics an epic riverboat cruise navigating through some of the world's most iconic rivers -- from the Nile to the Amazon.

Said to be an epic romantic-adventure movie with a tinge of supernatural elements, perhaps inspired by Amazonian folklore, "Jungle Cruise" is currently being directed by Spanish-born action helmer Jaume Collet-Serra (The Shallows, The Commuter, Non-Stop).

The cast will also include Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti, Jesse Plemons, and Edgar Ramirez.

Disney's "Jungle Cruise," which just started filming this month, won't be in theaters until October 2019.

Based on Disneyland's classic theme park ride. Dwayne Johnson plays a riverboat captain who takes an English traveler (Emily Blunt) and her brother (Jack Whitehall) on a mission to find a tree believed to possess healing powers. Their journey ends up being thwarted by dangerous wild animals and a competing German expedition.


directed by   Jaume Collet-Serra

starring   Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti, Jesse Plemons, Edgar Ramirez

release date   October 2019

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