The Last Race — Trailer


added: Fri, Jul 27th '18

Check out the newly-released trailer for "The Last Race," an acclaimed documentary about a small-town stock car racetrack in Long Island, New York.

First-time documentary filmmaker Michael Dweck directs this fly-on-the-wall portrait of an 87-year-old racetrack owner trying to keep his business afloat during a new, emerging era of globalization and commercialization.

The film also explores the questions of blue-collar identity and cultural traditions in today's America as seen through the prism of a Long Island community of stock car race fans.

"The Last Race" is hitting theaters and on VOD beginning November 16th. Watch the trailer, above.

THE LAST RACE is a cinematic portrait of a Long Island stock car race track as its 87 year-old owners struggle to maintain an American racing tradition in the face of a real estate development boom. The film merges image and sound in a unique narrative form to bring the audience into the world of grassroots racing culture and explores a story that subtly grapples with questions of blue collar American identity that have taken on a profound relevance in the current political era.


directed by   Michael Dweck

release date   November 16, 2018 (in theaters and on VOD)

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