Blue Iguana — Trailer


added: Wed, Jul 25th '18

Recent Academy Award winner Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards...) stars alongside "Parks and Rec" alum Ben Schwartz as a couple of two-bit jewel thieves in the trailer for the British caper comedy "Blue Iguana."

The film casts Rockwell and Schwartz as two down-on-their-luck New York crooks who are recruited by an English lawyer (played by Phoebe Fox, from "The Woman in Black 2") to carry out a daring diamond heist in London. Things get complicated, however, when rival mob-connected thieves are hired to steal the same precious diamond.

Hadi Hajaig, the writer and director of the Sean Bean-starring spy thriller "Cleanskin," writes and helms "Blue Iguana," which also co-stars Peter Polycarpou, Peter Ferdinando, and Simon Callow.

The crime comedy is set to hit U.S. theaters and VOD on August 24th. Watch the trailer, above.

Small time crooks Eddie and Paul are in over their heads when a cute London lawyer hires them to steal a rare jewel. Meanwhile, a mullet-haired gangster wants the gem for himself. Bullets and sparks fly in this pond-hopping comedic caper.


directed by   Hadi Hajaig

starring   Sam Rockwell, Ben Schwartz, Phoebe Fox, Peter Polycarpou, Peter Ferdinando, Simon Callow, Frances Barber, Amanda Donohoe, Al Weaver

release date   August 24, 2018 (in theaters and on VOD)

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