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added: Tue, Jul 24th '18

The first teaser trailer has been released for "I Think We're Alone Now," the end-of-the-world drama that stars Emmy-winning "Game of Thrones" actor Peter Dinklage and "Maleficent" star Elle Fanning as the last two people alive on Earth.

The film, which premiered to mostly positive reviews at Sundance this year, paints an upsetting future where a mysterious apocalyptic event has killed off the human race, except for a small-town recluse named Del (Dinklage).

While surprisingly okay with living in the Apocalypse, Del is shocked to discover that he's not alone. A young chatty girl named Grace (Fanning) has suddenly arrived in Del's town -- and all she wants is to be Del's friend. The problem is, he's a guy who never wanted friends before.

"I Think We're Alone Now" is directed by acclaimed cinematographer/director Reed Morano, who recently earned an Emmy Award for directing the pilot episode of the hit Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale." Reed also made her directorial debut with 2015's Olivia Wilde-starring drama "Meadowland."

Written by Mike Makowsky (Take Me), "I Think We're Alone Now" is being released on September 21st. Watch the teaser, above.

Del (Peter Dinklage) is alone in the world. After the human race is wiped out, he lives in his small, empty town, content in his solitude and the utopia he's methodically created for himself - until he is discovered by Grace (Elle Fanning), an interloper whose history and motives are obscure. Worse yet, she wants to stay.


directed by   Reed Morano

starring   Peter Dinklage, Elle Fanning

release date   September 21, 2018

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