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added: Tue, Jun 19th '18

"It Follows" star Maika Monroe is trying to find a way to escape from an A.I.-controlled, futuristic prison in the trailer for the Netflix techno thriller "TAU."

Also, starring Deadpool's Ed Skrein as a sadistic computer engineer, the film casts Monroe as a young street-smart grifter who is suddenly kidnapped and then held captive inside a futuristic smart house, which is being kept under control by a highly-sophisticated and deadly A.I. system called "TAU" (voiced by none other than recent Oscar-winner Gary Oldman).

Written by Noga Landau, one of the staff writers on the hit Syfy series "The Magicians," the Netflix film is the directorial debut of Federico D'Alessandro, an established storyboard artist and animatics supervisor who has worked on a number of Marvel superhero films, including "Ant-Man," "Doctor Strange," "The Avengers," and the upcoming "Captain Marvel."

"TAU" is scheduled to premiere next week, Friday, June 29th on Netflix.

Kidnapped by an inventor who uses her as a test subject to perfect his robotic AI, a street-smart young woman tries to escape her high-tech prison.


directed by   Federico D'Alessandro

starring   Maika Monroe, Ed Skrein, Gary Oldman (voice)

release date   June 29, 2018 (on Netflix)

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