Alien Code — Trailer


added: Tue, Jun 19th '18

Here's the trailer for "Alien Code," a low-budget mystery thriller starring Kyle Gallner (American Sniper, TV's Outsiders) as a brilliant cryptographer who accidentally uncovers a government conspiracy involving time-travel, decoded alien messages, MIB agents, and inter-dimensional beings.

Directed by Sam Havenhurst and written by Michael G. Cooney (Man of Tai Chi), the thriller also stars Azura Skye (TV's Riverdale, American Horror Story) with appearances from "The West Wing" alums Mary McCormack and Richard Schiff.

"Alien Code" will be released on Digital HD and DVD August 7th, via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Watch the trailer, above.

Cryptographer Alex Jacobs finds himself recruited and sent to a secret lab to decipher an encrypted message. After breaking the code that is housed inside a mysterious satellite, Alex becomes convinced that the message is a disturbing warning...from the future. Once he returns home, a string of unexplainable incidents start happening, creating confusion and setting events into motion. Alex finds himself caught up in an unexpected journey to discover the reality about the warnings and himself.


directed by   Sam Havenhurst

starring   Kyle Gallner, Azura Skye, Mary McCormack, Richard Schiff

release date   August 7, 2018 (on Digital HD and DVD)

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