An L.A. Minute — Trailer


added: Mon, Jun 18th '18

Kiersey Clemons (from "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" and "Dope") plays a fame-seeking L.A. performance artist in the newly-released trailer for the Hollywood satire "An L.A. Minute," which also stars Gabriel Byrne (of "Hereditary" and "The Usual Suspects").

The film, directed and co-written by indie filmmaker Daniel Adams (The Lightkeepers, The Golden Boys), centers on a best-selling novelist (Byrne) who wants to write more personally satisfying novels rather than the cheap pulp thrillers that made him into a famous Hollywood celebrity. But a chance encounter with a young aspiring actress (played by Clemons) leads him into discovering the real meaning to the phrase, "Here today, gone tomorrow."

Co-starring Bob Balaban as a slick Hollywood agent, "An L.A. Minute" will be released in Los Angeles and New York on August 24th, with other cities to follow.

An L.A. Minute is a satirical look at fame, success, the star-making machinery and the karma that attaches to all those who worship at the altar of Celebrity. Everyone can identify with the dilemma that our protagonist, the best-selling author Ted Gold, faces when Velocity, an avant-garde performance artist and the living embodiment of integrity, rocks his 1% world. But, as is often the case in real life, what you see is not exactly what you get.


directed by   Daniel Adams

starring   Gabriel Byrne, Kiersey Clemons, Bob Balaban, Katherine Kendall, Ed Marinaro, Ned Bellamy, Brianna Baker, Jake Adams, Lyne Renee, Ash Adams

release date   August 24, 2018 (LA/NY; other cities to follow)

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