Recovery Boys — Trailer


added: Tue, Jun 12th '18

This new Netflix documentary takes a stark look at America's current opioid epidemic as it chronicles the painful 18-month journey of four young, opioid addicts trying to secure their sobriety at a farming-based drug treatment program in West Virginia.

Elaine McMillion Sheldon, the Academy Award-nominated director of "Heroin(e)," directs this moving portrait of a small-town, blue-collar community ravaged by drug addiction and its struggles to combat the opioid crisis.

"Recovery Boys" is premiering June 29th on Netflix.

In a region ravaged by opioid abuse, four young men in a farming-based rehab forge a bond as they try to reinvent their lives after years of addiction.


directed by   Elaine McMillion Sheldon

release date   June 29, 2018 (on Netflix)

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