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added: Tue, Jun 5th '18

Oscar-winner Robert Redford plays a gentleman bank robber and Oscar-winner Casey Affleck is the police detective trying to slap the cuffs on him in the upcoming crime drama "The Old Man & The Gun," for which an official trailer has just been released.

Written and directed by prolific filmmaker David Lowery (A Ghost Story, Pete's Dragon, Ain't Them Bodies Saints), the movie is based on the "mostly" true story of Forrest Tucker (portrayed here by Redford), a polite and charismatic career criminal who spent most of his life either robbing banks or being locked up, except for those times he broke out or attempted to break out of prison -- most notably, his 1979 escape from San Quentin State Prison in California.

Though seemingly a nuanced character study of an old, aging professional bank robber, the film, with its 70s retro style and vibe, is also focusing on detective John Hunt (played by Affleck) and his long-frustrated quest to catch the elusive thief.

Also starring Sissy Spacek as Redford's love interest, along with supporting turns from the likes of Danny Glover, Tom Waits, and Tika Sumpter, "The Old Man & The Gun" is coming to theaters on September 28th.

THE OLD MAN & THE GUN is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford), from his audacious escape from San Quentin at the age of 70 to an unprecedented string of heists that confounded authorities and enchanted the public. Wrapped up in the pursuit are detective John Hunt (Casey Affleck), who becomes captivated with Forrest's commitment to his craft, and a woman (Sissy Spacek), who loves him in spite of his chosen profession.


directed by   David Lowery

starring   Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover, Tom Waits, Tika Sumpter

release date   September 28, 2018

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