Poor Boy — Trailer

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added: Thu, May 31st '18

Michael Shannon is a sad rodeo clown in the trailer for the trashy two-bit crime thriller "Poor Boy."

Written and directed by indie filmmaker Robert Scott Wiles (Crackle's In the Cloud), "Poor Boy" stars Lou Taylor Pucci (2013's Evil Dead) and Dov Tiefenbach (The FP, Jason X) as two rebellious redneck brothers, who are also the sons of a traveling rodeo clown (played by two-time Oscar nominee Michael Shannon). When the bank threatens to repossess their dilapidated home in the Nevada desert, the brothers hatch a convoluted get-rich-quick scheme as they set their sights on California.

The film also features supporting turns from Justin Chatwin (SHO's Shameless), Amanda Crew (HBO's Silicon Valley), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills), Amy Ferguson (Inherent Vice), and Dale Dickey (Winter's Bone).

"Poor Boy" premiered back in 2016 at the Tribeca Film Festival. It's now being released theatrically in select cities throughout the month of July, via Indican Pictures.

Two misfit brothers hustle various cash scams out in the desert while dreaming of getting out. When a mysterious woman threatens them, the brothers cook up an epic con to finally leave their dusty town behind and sail off into the sunset.


directed by   Robert Scott Wiles

starring   Lou Taylor Pucci, Dov Tiefenbach, Michael Shannon, Justin Chatwin, Amanda Crew, Pat Healy, Amy Ferguson, Dale Dickey

release date   July 2018 (in select cities)

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