Under the Tree — U.S. Trailer

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added: Wed, May 30th '18

A dispute quickly escalates into a bitter clash between next-door neighbors in the new U.S. trailer for "Under the Tree," the darkly comic film from acclaimed Icelandic filmmaker Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson (Paris of the North, Either Way).

Best Director Winner of 2017's Fantastic Fest and Best Film Winner of 2017's Hamptons International Film Festival, "Under the Tree" starts off with a typical disagreement between two sets of neighbors over a large bushy tree that separates both properties. But soon their quarrel intensifies, devolving into a vicious domestic fight, which winds up costing the lives of their household pets and possibly their mental health as well.

The Icelandic film, which was acquired by US distributor Magnolia Pictures (the film label behind the U.S. releases of "Force Majeure," "The Hunt," and "A Hijacking"), will open theatrically in the States beginning July 6th.

UNDER THE TREE follows a man who is accused of adultery and forced to move in with his parents. While he fights for custody of his four-year-old daughter, he is gradually sucked into a dispute between his parents and their neighbors over an old and beautiful tree. What starts as a typical spat between suburban neighbors unexpectedly and violently reached a boiling point, soon spiraling out of control.


directed by   Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson

starring   Steinthor Hroar Steinthorsson, Edda Bjorgvinsdottir, Sigurdur Sigurjonsson, Thorsteinn Bachmann, Selma Bjornsdottir, Lara Johanna Jonsdottir, Dora Johannsdottir, Sigridur Sigurpalsdottir

release date   July 6, 2018 (in theaters)

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