Netflix's Trollhunters: Part 3 — Official Trailer


added: Mon, May 14th '18

Netflix has released the official trailer for the upcoming third and final installment of Guillermo del Toro's animated fantasy-adventure series "Trollhunters."

Based on the illustrated novel of the same name by del Toro and award-winning author Daniel Kraus, the Emmy-winning series, which is a co-production between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, tells the story of a young teenage boy named "Jim" Lake Jr. who, after discovering a mystical amulet buried in his attic, is chosen to be the next Trollhunter, a mythical guardian who is responsible for protecting the human world from evil monstrous trolls.

The first two parts starred the voice of the late, actor Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Green Room), who died in a 2016 freak accident after completing voice recording sessions for two seasons. Emile Hirsch (Lone Survivor, Into the Wild, Speed Racer) has been cast to take over Yelchin's role as the voice of the main teen hero, Jim.

The voice cast once again features Kelsey Grammer as Blink, a six-eyed troll who mentors and teaches Jim how to be a righteous trollhunter. Charlie Saxton (Hung) is also back as the voice of Toby, Jim's best friend and closest confidant. While voice actress Lexi Medrano is again playing Jim's girlfriend, Claire.

New to the cast includes voices of Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany and Rogue One's Diego Luna who are playing two new students named Aja and Krel, respectively.

"Trollhunters: Part 3 (the Final Season)" is due to premiere Friday, May 25th on Netflix.

After uncovering a mysterious amulet, an average teen assumes an unlikely destiny and sets out to save two worlds. Created by Guillermo del Toro.


starring   Kelsey Grammer, Emile Hirsch, Charlie Saxton, Lexi Medrano, Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna

release date   May 25, 2018 (on Netflix)

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