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added: Wed, Apr 11th '18

A popular comic book convention is the setting for an ill-conceived heist in the upcoming slapstick caper comedy "Supercon," for which a trailer has been released.

Starring True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, Taken's Maggie Grace, Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Brooks Brasselman, comedians Russell Peters and Mike Epps with surprise appearances by John Malcovich and genre vet Clancy Brown, the crime farce follows a down-on-his-luck voice actor, a forgotten child star, a former '80s TV actor, and a comic book artist as they band together to perpetrate a harebrained robbery.

When they suddenly get banned from attending one of the biggest comic book conventions of the year, this unlikely crew of would-be schemers come up with a half-baked plan to rob a crooked convention promoter by dressing up like ordinary convention goers to sneak into "SuperCon." Hilarity and hi-jinks ensue.

"Supercon" is directed by Zak Knutson, an indie filmmaker who had previously worked as a production assistant for filmmaker Kevin Smith, and who also directed and produced several of Smith's live-comedy and behind-the-scenes specials as well as co-directing and producing 2013's John Milius documentary "Milius."

Co-written by Knutson and known voice actors/writers Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, TripTank) and Andy Sipes (TripTank), "Supercon" is scheduled to released in select theaters and VOD/Digital on April 27th.

A rag-tag group of former TV stars and comic book artists, who make their living working at conventions, decide to steal the loot from a crooked promoter and an overbearing former TV icon.


directed by   Zak Knutson

starring   Ryan Kwanten, Maggie Grace, Russell Peters, John Malcovich, Clancy Brown, Mike Epps, Brooks Brasselman

release date   April 27, 2018 (in theaters and VOD/Digital)

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