Paradox — U.S. Trailer


added: Tue, Apr 10th '18

Hong Kong director Wilson Yip (Ip Man Trilogy, Flash Point) is back with another installment in the "SPL" action film franchise, once again working with famed action coordinator Sammo Hung and starring Hong Kong superstar Louis Koo and Thai sensation Tony Jaa.

Set in Thailand, "Paradox" follows a Hong Kong police officer (Louis Koo) who, while storming through the streets of Bangkok in search of his kidnapped 16-year-old daughter, finds himself partnering up with two Thai detectives (played by Tony Jaa and Wu Yue).

Co-starring Vithaya Pansringarm (Only God Forgives), Gordon Lam (Ip Man), and stuntman Chris Collins, "Paradox" will be released on VOD, Blu-Ray, and DVD on May 8th. Watch the newly-released U.S. trailer, above.

When his daughter goes missing in Thailand, a Hong Kong cop (Louis Koo) teams with local police (Tony Jaa, Wu Yue) to find her, but instead finds himself embroiled in a web of corruption and violence in this explosive thriller from famed action director Wilson Yip (Ip Man Trilogy, SPL: Kill Zone).


directed by   Wilson Yip

starring   Louis Koo, Tony Jaa, Wu Yue, Vithaya Pansringarm, Gordon Lam, Chris Collins, Ken Low, Hanna Chan, Jacky Cai, Michelle Saram

release date   May 8, 2018 (on VOD, Blu-Ray, and DVD)

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