The Escape of Prisoner 614 — Trailer


added: Wed, Apr 4th '18

Silicon Valley's Martin Starr and Jake McDorman (TV's Limitless, American Sniper) are a couple of bumbling lawmen trying to save their jobs by going after an escape convict who claims he's innocent in the offbeat fugitive comedy "The Escape of Prisoner 614."

Also starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as a ruthless sheriff and George Sample III (Hunter Gatherer, Cronies) as the titular prisoner, the film is written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Zach Golden, who previously wrote and co-created the short-lived IFC comedy series "Gigi Does It," which featured David Krumholtz playing an elderly Jewish grandmother with a saucy mouth.

"The Escape of Prisoner 614" will be released in theaters and on iTunes/VOD April 27th. Watch the newly-released trailer, above.

Ron Perlman is electrifying as a corrupt and cold-blooded sheriff in this contemporary western that delivers a double-barreled blast of action. After two deputy sheriffs lose their jobs because of poor arrest records, they purse an escaped convict to try and win back their badges. But nabbing the convict won't be half as dangerous as facing the ruthless sheriff who is tracking their every move.


directed by   Zach Golden

starring   Martin Starr, Jake McDorman, George Sample III, Ron Perlman

release date   April 27, 2018 (in theaters and on iTunes/VOD)

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