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added: Wed, Mar 28th '18

A guy goes searching for his missing girlfriend in the Himalayas, only to find himself joining a mysterious New Age cult in the trailer for the mystery drama "The Ashram," which stars Sam Keeley (In the Heart of the Sea), Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Kal Penn (TV's Designated Survivor), Radhika Apte (Parched), and Hera Hilmar (Mortal Engines).

Directed by indie filmmaker Ben Rekhi (Waterborne), the film follows an American backpacker (Keeley) as he travels to the Indian Himalayas to search for his lost girlfriend (Hilmar) who had left cryptic e-mail messages before going missing several months ago. When he learns that she was last known as a member of a strange spiritual sect, he starts to investigate the group's enigmatic leader, despite facing strong push-back from ardent followers.

But is her disappearance caused by foul play or was it the result of something beyond our understanding?

"The Ashram" is being released on Digital and VOD this week.

After receiving a cryptic message from his missing girlfriend, a man travels to India to pick up her trail. Once there, he discovers a secret community in the Himalayas led by a guru with strange powers likely involved in her disappearance.


directed by   Ben Rekhi

starring   Sam Keeley, Melissa Leo, Kal Penn, Radhika Apte, Hera Hilmar

release date   March 27, 2018 (on VOD and Digital)

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