An Ordinary Man — Trailer


added: Mon, Mar 19th '18

In the newly released trailer for the offbeat fugitive thriller "An Ordinary Man," Oscar-winner Ben Kingsley plays an eccentric war criminal who has a unique way of hiding out -- he hides right in the open.

Written and directed by film and television director Brad Silberling (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Moonlight Mile, Jane the Virgin), the film follows a fugitive war criminal, known as "The General" (Kingsley) as he is relocated to a new undisclosed European city where he develops an unlikely relationship with his twenty-something maid (played by Icelandic actress Hera Hilmar, who will be seen later this year in the Peter Jackson-produced fantasy epic "Mortal Engines").

"I will never hide. And I will never be taken," Kingsley chillingly says while being pursued by the authorities.

Co-starring Peter Serafinowicz (John Wick: Chapter 2, Spy), "An Ordinary Man" will be released in theaters and on VOD April 13th.

A war criminal (Ben Kingsley) in hiding forms a relationship with his only connection to the outside world -- his maid (Hera Hilmar).


directed by   Brad Silberling

starring   Ben Kingsley, Hera Hilmar, Peter Serafinowicz

release date   April 13, 2018 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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