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added: Wed, Mar 7th '18

Asa Butterfield (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) and Alex Wolff (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) play a couple of teenage rebels who decide to form a punk band in the trailer for the coming-of-age film "House of Tomorrow," which also stars Ellen Burstyn, Nick Offerman, and Maude Apatow.

Written and directed by first-time filmmaker Peter Livolsi and based on Peter Bognanni's novel of the same name, the film centers on a young sheltered teenager named Sebastian (Butterfield) who lives in a remote, geodesic dome house with his eccentric hippie grandmother (Burstyn). However, when Sebastian meets and befriends a 16-year-old heart transplant recipient and punk musician (Wolff), he is introduced to the world outside his bubble and also gets a crash course in punk rock music, which -- much to the chagrin of his grandmother -- has motivated him to adopt a more rebellious lifestyle.

Acquired by Shout Factory's new film distribution arm, Shout! Studios, "The House of Tomorrow" is being released in theaters on April 27th.

16-year-old Sebastian Prendergast (Asa Butterfield) has spent most of his life with his Nana (Ellen Burstyn) in their geodesic dome home tourist attraction where she raises him on the futurist teachings of her former mentor Buckminster Fuller in hopes that one day Sebastian will carry Fuller's torch and make the world a better place.

But when a stroke sidelines Nana, Sebastian begins sneaking around with Jared (Alex Wolff), a chain-smoking, punk-obsessed 16-year-old with a heart transplant who lives in the suburbs with his bible-banging single father Alan (Nick Offerman) and teenage sister Meredith (Maude Apatow). Sebastian and Jared form a band and with his Nana's dreams, his first real friendship, and a church talent show at stake, Sebastian must decide if he wants to become the next Buckminster Fuller, the next Sid Vicious, or something else entirely.


directed by   Peter Livolsi

starring   Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff, Ellen Burstyn, Nick Offerman, Maude Apatow

release date   April 27, 2018 (in theaters)

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