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added: Wed, Feb 28th '18

A man of violence sets out for revenge in the newly released trailer for the gritty indie thriller "Juggernaut," which is starring rising actor Jack Kesy, from FX's "The Strain" and TNT's "Claws" and who will also be seen later this year as the comic book villain Black Tom Cassidy in the upcoming "Deadpool" sequel.

Kesy plays Saxon, a young man with a troubled and violent past who, after years of being away, returns to his hometown, only to learn that his mother has suspiciously taken her own life. Believing his older brother had something to do with it, Saxon sets out to find the truth by any means necessary.

Also starring Silicon Valley's Amanda Crew, Supernatural's Ty Olsson and veteran Canadian character actor Stephen McHattie (Orphan Black, Pontypool), the thriller is written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Daniel DiMarco.

"Juggernaut" is hitting select theaters and VOD on March 9th.

After discovering the news that his mother has taken her life, Saxon Gamble returns home, irrationally plagued by the notion that her death was not a suicide. Saxon, a man of violence, embarks on a revenge mission that shakes up the quiet town of his birth and awakens a dormant sibling rivalry that puts himself and his brother on a collision course with bloody consequences.


directed by   Daniel DiMarco

starring   Jack Kesy, Amanda Crew, David Cubitt, Stephen McHattie, Peter McRobbie, Ty Olsson, Matty Finochio

release date   March 9, 2018 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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