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added: Mon, Feb 19th '18

They create some of the most memorable sounds in film. Their work is essential in making a scene come to life. Yet, their craft isn't necessarily appreciated or recognized by the movie-loving public.

Meet the unsung heroes of cinema -- known in the industry as Foley artists -- in a new trailer for the indie documentary "Actors of Sound."

Directed by Lalo Molina, the Kickstarter-backed film provides an in-depth look into the world of Foley Art, as defined by some of the most respected and most talented Foley artists working today. Featuring interviews with several top sound performers in the industry, the documentary also takes a look at how the Foley craft has changed in recent years, since the transition from the old Hollywood system to the new era of digital sound design.

Following its run on the film festival circuit, which included a premiere at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival, "Actors of Sound" is now receiving a VOD and iTunes release starting on Tuesday, February 27th. Watch the trailer, above.

From footsteps to bone cracks, Foley artists bring films to life with their imaginative sound effects, but as digital technology goes full speed ahead in 21st century moviemaking, can Hollywood's low tech Foley artist survive in this high tech age?


directed by   Lalo Molina

starring   Gregg Barbanell, Marko Costanzo, Catherine Harper, John Roesch, Kitty Malone, Shelley Roden, David Fein

release date   February 27, 2018 (on iTunes/VOD)

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