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For his latest feature, Canadian filmmaker Kim Nguyen (War Witch, Two Lovers and a Bear) tells a contemporary, somewhat melancholic story about a Middle Eastern girl who wants to escape her abusive home life to be with her boyfriend. Well, that sounds simple enough, if it wasn't for the fact that this film has a strange and curious twist -- the twist being it's told through the point of view of a robotic spider drone.

Check out the trailer for "Eye on Juliet," which stars British actor Joe Cole (A Prayer Before Dawn, Green Room) as a young American spider drone operator who is living in Detroit yet works as a surveillance security guard for a Middle Eastern oil pipeline. While surveying the region at night, the drone operator notices a young Middle Eastern girl smoking a cigarette by herself. He becomes so enamored with the young woman (played by French actress Lina El Arabi) that he starts to spy on her.

Through the use of the drone's translation capabilities, he eventually contacts the girl, learns of her plan to run away, and offers to help her out. This interaction creates an uncanny long-distance friendship between two lonely souls who've never really seen each other but maybe some day will.

Co-starring Faycal Zeglat and Brent Skagford, "Eye on Juliet" will be released later in the year.

A love story through the eye of a spider drone. Across the landscape of a Middle Eastern desert and an oil pipeline, appears a strange spider-like robot that seems to be scoping the horizon. At the other end of the world, in America, Gordon, drone operator and safe keeper of the pipeline, surveys the desolated landscapes from his screens. Having lost his way in a world he no longer comprehends, he becomes fascinated by Ayusha, a young woman promised to an older man she doesn't love. Despite the distance, their mutual fear and their imperfect interaction, Gordon will do everything in his power to help Ayusha escape her fate, falling for her in the process.


directed by   Kim Nguyen

starring   Joe Cole, Lina El Arabi, Faycal Zeglat, Brent Skagford

release date   2018

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