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added: Wed, Feb 14th '18

Do you want to see some old school basketball? And also want to see some basketball stars pretending to be old? Well, step right up young whippersnapper and check out this newly-released teaser trailer for the upcoming basketball comedy "Uncle Drew."

It's basketball superstars like you've never seen them before -- in heavy prosthetic makeup where they're made to look like a goofy group of old-timers who can still hoop with the best of them.

Based on the popular Pepsi-sponsored web series of the same name, the film features NBA all-star Kyrie Irving as "Uncle Drew," an old retired basketball legend whose skills and abilities are still very much intact.

Comedian Lil Rel Howery, the breakout star of "Get Out", plays a down-on-his-luck wannabe street-ball manager who, after seeing Uncle Drew's skills on the court, wants to enter him into an annual street-ball tournament. Uncle Drew agrees to play but with one condition -- he gets to pick his own teammates. Thus, getting the old squad back together. Enter: Shaquille O'Neal looking like "Wolverine's grandfather."

The cast also includes basketball stars Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie, while comedians Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip), Erica Ash (MadTV), and Nick Kroll (Kroll Show) are also in the mix.

Directed by Charles Stone III (Mr 3000, Drumline) and written by Jay Longino (Skiptrace), "Uncle Drew" is hitting theaters on June 29th.

After draining his life savings to enter a team in the Rucker Classic street ball tournament in Harlem, Dax (Lil Rel Howery) is dealt a series of unfortunate setbacks, including losing his team to his longtime rival (Nick Kroll). Desperate to win the tournament and the cash prize, Dax stumbles upon the man, the myth, the legend UNCLE DREW (NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving) and convinces him to return to the court one more time. The two men embark on a road trip to round up Drew's old basketball squad (Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie) and prove that a group of septuagenarians can still win the big one.


directed by   Charles Stone III

starring   Lil Rel Howery, Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, Lisa Leslie, Tiffany Haddish, Erica Ash, Nick Kroll

release date   June 29, 2018

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