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added: Fri, Feb 9th '18

William Jackson Harper plays the endearing ethics professor Chidi Anagonye who's trying to help Kristen Bell's Eleanor Shellstrop to be a better person in the we're-stuck-in-the-afterlife comedy series "The Good Place." Well, it seems Harper is again stuck in a situation he's not equipped to face in the slow-burning psychological thriller "They Remain."

The film, which is written and directed by comic book and video-game writer Phillip Gelatt, is based on a short story by sci-fi horror novelist Laird Barron and centers on the evolving relationship between two scientists who are sent to investigate a mysterious camp site in the woods, which is the same location where a notorious mass murder-suicide took place.

Rebecca Henderson, from "Mistress America" and who recently played Ted Kaczynski's defense attorney on the mini-series "Manhunt: Unabomber," is the other half of this two-person mystery thriller, playing Harper's research partner.

"They Remain" is getting a limited theatrical release next month, opening in New York on March 2nd and Los Angeles on March 9th before moving on to other cities across the country. Watch the trailer above.

Based on the 2010 short story, "-30-" by award-winning author Laird Barron, THEY REMAIN explores the evolving relationship between Keith and Jessica, two scientists who are employed by a vast, impersonal corporation to investigate an unspeakable horror that took place at the remote encampment of a mysterious cult. Working and living in a state-of-the-art, high tech environment that is completely at odds with their surroundings, they spend their days gathering physical evidence, analyzing it, and reporting on their findings.

The intensity of their work, and their extreme isolation, bring the pair closer. But, when Jessica discovers a mysterious artifact of unknown origin, the dynamic between them changes: secrets are kept, sexual tensions arise, and paranoia sets in. Keith begins to have visions and is unable to distinguish whether they are nightmares or hauntings. Having lost all sense of what is real and what is imagined, all he knows is that the horror he and Jessica have been sent to uncover -- a horror that could be biological, psychological, or supernatural -- now threatens his very survival.


directed by   Phillip Gelatt

starring   William Jackson Harper, Rebecca Henderson

release date   March 2, 2018 (NY), March 9, 2018 (LA; other cities to follow)

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