The Neighbor — Trailer


added: Wed, Jan 31st '18

Veteran character actor William Fichtner (Armageddon, Black Hawk Down, Contact) plays a middle-aged married man who gets way too emotionally involved with the woman next door in the trailer for the Hitchcockian/Rear Window-esque suspense thriller "The Neighbor."

Co-starring Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), Jessica McNamee (Battle of the Sexes), and Jean Louisa Kelly (Uncle Buck), the film takes place in a sleepy suburban neighborhood, and centers on a seemingly stoic married man (Fichtner) who develops an unhealthy voyeuristic obsession with his new next-door neighbors -- a young couple (Rosenbaum and McNamee) who are secretly suffering from serious marital woes. Things take a dark turn when his obsession drives him to get involved in the personal life of his young, attractive, yet domestically abused neighbor.

Directed and co-written by Aaron Harvey (Catch .44), "The Neighbor" is currently available on VOD and playing in select theaters.

A middle-aged man in a stagnant marriage becomes voyeuristically obsessed with an attractive young woman when she and her seemingly abusive husband move in next door.


directed by   Aaron Harvey

starring   William Fichtner, Michael Rosenbaum, Jessica McNamee, Jean Louisa Kelly

release date   January 26, 2018 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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