Netflix's The Mechanism — Official Trailer


added: Thu, Jan 18th '18

From Jose Padilha, the Brazilian director and producer of the acclaimed Netflix series "Narcos" and the Brazilian police thriller "Elite Squad" comes a new hard-hitting crime series that dramatizes one of Brazil's "biggest corruption scandals."

Check out the trailer for "The Mechanism," a new original series for Netflix created by Padilha and acclaimed Brazilian writer Elena Soarez (The House of Sand, City of Men), which is offering a thrilling fictional account of a real-life shocking and wide-reaching corruption scandal known as "Operacao Lava Jato" (aka Operation Car Wash), in which shady Brazilian businessmen and corrupt Brazilian politicians were caught orchestrating the biggest money-laundering scheme in the country's history.

Starring Brazilian actors Selton Mello, Carol Abras, and Enrique Diaz, "The Mechanism," which is based on the investigative book by Vladimir Netto, will run for eight episodes and will begin streaming Friday, March 23rd on Netflix.

From acclaimed director Jose Padilha (Narcos, Elite Squad 1 & 2, RoboCop) and prolific screenwriter Elena Soarez (Sons of Carnival, Eu tu Eles, The House of Sand) comes THE MECHANISM, a thrilling, character-driven original series inspired by real events in Brazil. This fictionalized story explores how a small group of dogged investigators comes to discover the inner workings of a monstrous corruption scheme and the impact their pursuit has on everyone involved - including themselves.


directed by   Jose Padilha

starring   Selton Mello, Carol Abras, Enrique Diaz

release date   March 23, 2018 (on Netflix)

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