Netflix's Coach Snoop — Trailer


added: Thu, Jan 18th '18

Prepare to see a different side of gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg.

Check out the trailer for "Coach Snoop," a new eight-part Netflix documentary series, which chronicles the famed hip-hop artist's life -- well, his other life, that of a dedicated football coach and mentor for a youth football league program that he founded years ago.

The docu-series will also explore the lives of the inner-city, at-risk teens who wind up playing for "Coach Snoop."

A continuation of the 2016 AOL web series of the same name, "Coach Snoop" will premiere February 2nd on Netflix.

"Coach Snoop" follows the legendary rapper outside the studio and on the field, as he coaches a team of teenagers in the Snoop Youth Football League. The eight-episode season offers an intimate look at Snoop and the players as they chase a championship and deal with adversity off the field.


directed by   Rory Karpf

starring   Snoop Dogg

release date   February 2, 2018 (on Netflix)

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