The Clapper — Trailer


added: Sat, Dec 16th '17

Ed Helms plays a struggling infomercial actor who, while trying to land a date with a beautiful gas station attendant (Amanda Seyfried), suddenly becomes the butt of a late-night TV joke in the trailer for the quirky romantic comedy "The Clapper."

Written and directed by prolific indie filmmaker Dito Montiel (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Boulevard) and based on his own 2007 novel, the film also stars Tracy Morgan, Adam Levine, Russell Peters, Leah Remini, and the late Alan Thicke in his final film role.

"The Clapper," which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, will be hitting theaters and VOD/Digital HD on January 26th.

Eddie Krumble (Ed Helms) moves to Los Angeles looking for a fresh start and becomes a professional paid audience member for infomercials and other live studio tapings, with his best friend Chris (Tracy Morgan) at his side. After a lifetime of drawing the short straw, Eddie seems to have finally caught a break as he forms a bond with winsome gas station attendant, Judy (Amanda Seyfried). But when Eddie's many disguises and telegenic enthusiasm catch the eye of a notorious late night talk show host and his producer (Adam Levine), they turn Eddie's life into the newest national obsession, threatening his budding romance.


directed by   Dito Montiel

starring   Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan, Adam Levine, Russell Peters, Leah Remini, Alan Thicke

release date   January 26, 2018 (in theaters and on VOD/Digital HD)

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