Have A Nice Day — U.S. Trailer

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added: Wed, Dec 6th '17

In what appears to be a graphic novel come to life, "Have A Nice Day" is the latest from Chinese animation filmmaker Liu Jian who has seemingly turned a Tarantino-esque crime story into a visual feast for the eyes.

Set in a small contemporary town in Southern China, the animated crime thriller, which premiered earlier this year at the Berlin International Film Festival, follows several characters who gradually become intertwined in a robbery involving a stolen bag of money. One of the main characters is a lowly Chinese driver who has decided to steal from his boss to pay for a medical operation to repair his fiancee's botched plastic surgery.

Winner for Best Animated Feature at this year's Fantasia Film Festival, "Have A Nice Day" is a prime example that animation doesn't always have to be about fluffy animals and musical numbers. Perhaps, violent crime stories are sometimes best told in a vibrant two-dimensional animated world.

"Have A Nice Day" will receive a small theatrical run in the States next month, beginning in New York on January 26th with other cities to follow. In the meantime, watch the U.S. trailer, above.

A hard rain is about to fall on a small town in Southern China. In a desperate attempt to find money to save his fiancée’s failed plastic surgery, Xiao Zhang, a mere driver, steals a bag containing 1 million from his boss. News of the robbery spreads fast within the town and, over the course of one night, everyone starts looking for Xiao Zhang and his money...

Liu Jian delivers a whirlwind neo-noir, cementing his place as a pioneering force in independent Chinese animation.


directed by   Liu Jian

release date   January 26, 2018 (in NY; other cities to follow)

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