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added: Tue, Nov 28th '17

Looking for something to fill that "Game of Thrones"-sized hole in your heart? Well, this new show from the U.K. just might do the trick.

Check out the official trailer for "Britannia," a new British action-fantasy series that's set in 43 AD and revolves around an ancient battle between the Roman empire and the Celtic underworld.

David Morrissey (aka The Governor from "The Walking Dead"), Kelly Reilly (Flight, Sherlock Holmes) and Mackenzie Crook (aka Ragetti from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films) are leading the ensemble cast of the 10-part historical epic, which appears to be taking some visual cues from "Thrones" and "300."

Written and created by brothers Jez Butterworth (co-writer of "Spectre" and "Edge of Tomorrow") and Tom Butterworth (television writer of "Tin Star" and "Fortitude"), the series also stars Zoe Wanamaker (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone), Eleanor Worthington-Cox (Maleficent), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Department Q), Stanley Weber (Outlander), and Ian McDiarmid (aka Emperor Palpatine from the "Star Wars" franchise).

Produced by former "Star Wars" producer Rick McCallum (who retired from Lucasfilm back in 2012), "Britannia" will premiere in the U.K. on Thursday, January 18th, via the 'Sky Atlantic' network.

The series will also debut in the U.S. sometime in 2018 through Amazon Prime Video.

Set in 43AD, the captivating, anarchic drama follows the Roman army as they return to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia, a mysterious land led by warrior women and powerful Druids who claim to channel the powerful forces of the underworld.


starring   David Morrissey, Kelly Reilly, Mackenzie Crook, Zoe Wanamaker, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Stanley Weber, Ian McDiarmid

release date   January 18, 2018 (airing in the UK on Sky Atlantic)

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