El Camino Christmas — Trailer

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added: Wed, Nov 22nd '17

Nothing says Christmas like a good old-fashioned Mexican standoff!

Check out the trailer for the new Netflix original movie "El Camino Christmas," which tells a darkly comic tale of a misunderstanding that rapidly devolves into a hostage situation at a small liquor store in the Nevada desert during Christmas Eve.

The cast features Dax Shepard (CHIPS) and Kurtwood Smith (That '70s Show) as the local law enforcement, while Luke Grimes (American Sniper) plays the would-be hostage taker who, while trying to reunite with his long-lost father (Tim Allen), is holding several hostages inside a local liquor mart after he is mistakenly arrested by an overzealous police officer (Vincent D'Onofrio).

Co-starring Michelle Mylett, Kimberly Quinn, and Emilio Rivera with Jessica Alba as a local TV newswoman, the Netflix comedy is directed by filmmaker David E. Talbert (Almost Christmas, Baggage Claim, First Sunday) and was written by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Theodore Melfi (Hidden Figures, St. Vincent) and Christopher Wehner.

"El Camino Christmas" will start streaming Friday, December 8th

When Eric Roth (Luke Grimes) goes on an impulsive journey to find the father he never knew, his search takes him to the remote desert town of El Camino, Nevada, where he's mistaken for a drug dealer by local, dim-witted law enforcement and winds up pinned down in a liquor store holdup with five other lost souls on Christmas Eve... one of which is his father.


directed by   David E. Talbert

starring   Dax Shepard, Tim Allen, Luke Grimes, Kurtwood Smith, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jessica Alba, Michelle Mylett, Kimberly Quinn, Emilio Rivera

release date   December 8, 2017 (on Netflix)

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