Stargate: Origins — First-Look Teaser


added: Sun, Oct 29th '17

Featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the new "Stargate" web series, here's a "first look" teaser for "Stargate: Origins," the forthcoming 10-episode prequel to the original 1994 sci-fi film, which spawned a successful television franchise and established a small-screen "Stargate" universe.

Australian actress Ellie Gall stars as a young Catherine Langford, the daughter of Professor Langford (played by "Stargate: Atlantis" alum Connor Trinneer) who was one of the archeologists involved in the excavation of the Stargate portal in Giza, Egypt in 1928. The series will follow Catherine as she sets off on her own mini adventure through the Egyptian desert, unlocking mysteries that surround the Stargate legend.

Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan (FANtasies) and written by Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry, "Stargate: Origins" also stars Philip Alexander, Daniel Rashid, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Salome Azizi, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez and Derek Chariton.

The series will launch exclusively on MGM's new premium digital platform, called "Stargate Command." It's a subscription-based streaming service dedicated to the "Stargate" franchise, which gives viewers access to every episode of the television series and spin-offs, as well as the three "Stargate" movies. For additional information, you can visit its official website at

Catherine Langford is a character whose life remains somewhat shrouded in mystery. Stargate Origins will dive deep into the adventures that provide additional context to Catherine's lifelong fascination with the ancient artifact her father uncovered in the Egyptian desert, revealing a story that sits at the heart of the entire Stargate saga.


directed by   Mercedes Bryce Morgan

starring   Ellie Gall, Connor Trinneer, Philip Alexander, Daniel Rashid, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Salome Azizi, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Derek Chariton

release date   Coming Soon (on Stargate Command)

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