Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1 — Trailer


added: Fri, Oct 27th '17

Ex-"Game of Thrones" villain Iwan Rheon is nearly unrecognizable in the trailer for the apocalyptic sci-fi thriller "Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1," which is set in a future world where 95 percent of the human population has been killed off by an invading alien force.

Resembling something like a cross between a white walker and an albino boy-band member, the Welsh actor, who can currently be seen in the widely-panned Marvel series "Inhumans," plays a futuristic soldier who has just begun his 100-day mission. He is to guard an underground bunker by himself and act as a lookout.

But as the days drag on, he finds himself becoming more and more affected psychologically by the isolation. His increasing fear of the unknown presents itself as more of a threat than the aliens. Which begs the question, what if the aliens "don't exist"? What if this whole time it was all in his mind? Now, that would be a trip?

Directed by first-time feature director Christian Pasquariello, the movie will arrive in select theaters and VOD on December 1st.

The Nonesuch -- eerie, overpowering alien creatures -- have forced humanity into hiding in a vast system of underground bunkers. Iwan Rheon ("Game of Thrones") stars as a young soldier assigned to guard a lookout post on the surface to protect the few remaining stragglers.


directed by   Christian Pasquariello

starring   Iwan Rheon, Andre M. Hennicke

release date   December 1, 2017 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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