I Remember You — U.S. Trailer

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added: Fri, Oct 20th '17

On a remote Icelandic island, an abandoned house becomes the focus of a strange and unsettling mystery in the trailer for the atmospheric ghost-story thriller "I Remember You."

Based on the acclaimed 2010 horror novel by best-selling Icelandic crime writer Yrsa Sigurdardottir, the film follows a group of Icelandic locals who find themselves connected to the dark history of an old, dilapidated cottage, which is believed the be haunted by the spirit of a missing boy.

Oskar Thor Axelsson, the director of the cult Icelandic crime thriller "Black's Game," directs "I Remember You," stars Johannes Haukur Johannesson (HBO's Game of Thrones), Thor Kristjansson (Dracula Untold), Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir and Anna Gunndis Gudmundsdottir.

The film arrives in theaters and on VOD beginning November 10th.

An elderly woman hangs herself in a church. A grieving father searches for the truth about what happened to his missing son. And a trio of young city dwellers unleash a sinister force when they begin renovating a cursed home on a remote island. They don’t know it yet, but each of these strangers is connected by a disturbing, decades-old secret -- a mystery that holds the key to a series of terrifying supernatural events. Based on the acclaimed novel by the "Queen of Icelandic Crime," this atmospheric chiller is both a hair-raising ghost story and a powerful tale of life beyond death.


directed by   Oskar Thor Axelsson

starring   Johannes Haukur Johannesson, Thor Kristjansson, Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir, Anna Gunndis Gudmundsdottir

release date   November 10, 2017 (in select theaters and on VOD)

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