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added: Wed, Oct 18th '17

Despite writing and directing every episode of his award-winning FX series, stand-up comedian Louis C.K. hasn't helmed a feature film since his failed 2011 ghetto hero spoof "Pootie Tang." Well, it appears he's taking another crack at filmmaking this year with his Woody Allen-esque black-and-white comedy "I Love You, Daddy," for which a trailer has just been released.

C.K. also stars in the movie as a successful television writer/producer who has agreed to let his spoiled 17-year-old daughter (Chloe Grace Moretz) stay with him for her senior year of high school at his spacious New York estate. While hoping to reconnect with his semi-estranged daughter, his plans are derailed when he discovers she has taken a particular interest in Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich), a 68-year-old film director who has a lecherous reputation for dating underage girls (rumored to be based on Woody Allen's own notorious reputation).

Co-starring Helen Hunt, Rose Byrne, Charlie Day, Edie Falco, and Pamela Adlon, "I Love You, Daddy" is bound to ruffle a few feathers, especially in the light of the recent Weinstein scandal.

After receiving a sharply mixed reception at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (though some top-name critics gave it favorable reviews), the provocative comedy has currently been shelved amid the recent scandal regarding Louis C.K.

Louis C.K.’s I LOVE YOU, DADDY is a bittersweet comedy about successful TV writer/producer Glen Topher (C.K.), who panics when his spoiled 17-year-old daughter China (Chloë Grace Moretz) starts spending time with 68-year-old Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich), a legendary film director with a reputation for dating underage girls.

Conceived in the high style of 1940s Hollywood movies, with lustrous black and white 35mm photography and a soaring orchestral score, I LOVE YOU, DADDY blends a classic look with Louis C.K.’s raucous modern comic sensibility to tell the story of a flawed man’s struggle to connect with his daughter and get back on his feet as an artist.


directed by   Louis C.K.

starring   Louis C.K., Chloe Grace Moretz, John Malkovich, Helen Hunt, Rose Byrne, Charlie Day, Edie Falco, Pamela Adlon

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