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added: Tue, Oct 17th '17

From the director of "Teeth" comes a new supernatural horror thriller about a young Victorian-era woman who, while suffering from a marital disorder, discovers a terrifying phantom has taken control of her house and is now targeting her young innocent daughter, Angelica.

Based on the acclaimed 2007 novel by Arthur Phillips, "Angelica" stars Jena Malone (The Hunger Games) as Constance, who is ordered by her doctor to practice sexual abstinence after nearly dying during childbirth. Ed Stoppard (TV's Genius) plays Constance's medical researcher husband. While Janet McTeer (The Woman in Black, Albert Nobbs) is a spiritualist who tries to help Constance and her husband with their paranormal problem, which appears to have manifested from Constance's sexual repression.

"Teeth" filmmaker Mitchell Lichtenstein writes and directs the supernatural horror, which co-stars Tovah Feldshuh (The Walking Dead), James Norton (the "Flatliners" remake), and the late, Charles Keating (The Bodyguard).

"Angelica," which premiered at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival, will hit U.S. theaters and Digital HD on November 17th. Watch the newly-released trailer, above.

In Victorian London, innocent shop girl Constance falls in love and marries Dr. Joseph Barton, a medical researcher. She has a sexual awakening with her husband, but their passion is cut short after the life-threatening birth of daughter Angelica. Their puritanical doctors order abstinence, condemning Constance for lascivious appetites. Sexual repression leads to obsession, and Constance becomes increasingly protective of Angelica. Joseph's secrets fuel the growing conflicts. Then, late at night, the household is disrupted by what appears to be a paranormal predator. The eerie visits multiply, evermore menacing and vividly evoking Constance’s deepest fears. To cleanse the home of its terrors, she reaches out to spiritualist Anne Montague. But the arrival of this charismatic woman brings even more complexities to the deteriorating Barton household. Constance places her deepest trust in Anne, and together they fight against a force that may be more sinisterly human than supernatural...


directed by   Mitchell Lichtenstein

starring   Jena Malone, Ed Stoppard, Janet McTeer, Tovah Feldshuh, James Norton, Charles Keating

release date   November 17, 2017 (in select theaters and on Digital HD)

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