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added: Thu, Oct 12th '17

Former SNL cast member and "Master of None" star Noel Wells makes her feature film debut as the writer, director, and star of "Mr. Roosevelt," an indie comedy that took home this year's Audience Award at the SXSW Film Festival.

Here, Wells plays Emily, a struggling improv comic who is eking out a meager existence in Los Angeles as a viral video comedian. After hearing some terrible news from home, Emily flies back to her old stomping grounds in Austin, Texas, where she reunites with her ex-boyfriend (Nick Thune). While staying at his house, Emily gets a chance to meet his new girlfriend (Britt Lower), who in all aspects appears to be perfect -- which only makes Emily feel more miserable and jealous.

Part early-midlife-crisis comedy, part homecoming farce, "Mr. Roosevelt" made its world premiere at SXSW in March, where it received strong reviews from critics who recognized Wells as a rising film talent.

Co-starring Andre Hyland, Daniella Pineda, Armen Weitzman, and Doug Benson, the movie will first open in Austin on October 27th before landing in Los Angeles on November 17th and then in New York on November 22nd. Other locations will follow.

Emily Martin is a struggling 20-something who moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy after graduating college in Austin, Texas. When a loved one falls sick, she returns to Austin and runs into her ex-boyfriend, as well as his amazing and intimidating new girlfriend. Low on funds and stuck in Texas for the weekend, Emily stays with the two of them in her old, but miraculously remodeled house. She quickly finds her way into the circle of a local female badass who shows Emily a good time and tries to keep her from spinning out as she goes toe-to-toe with the new girlfriend, all the ways her ex has changed, and ultimately, her own choices and guilt about leaving the past behind.


directed by   Noel Wells

starring   Noel Wells, Nick Thune, Britt Lower, Andre Hyland, Daniella Pineda, Armen Weitzman, Doug Benson

release date   October 27, 2017 (Austin); November 17, 2017 (LA); November 22, 2017 (NY; Other cities to follow)

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